Ghana's 'crazy' democracy

Democracy seems to be Ghana's problem. Politicians are more concerned with winning elections than doing the right thing. This is why indiscipline is gradually taking over our society. People do all manner of things and go scot-free in the name of democracy. Corrupt officials get away with their booty because there is a ghost called "due process". Political party fanatics can intimidate people at will and are sure to go unpunished because their party is in power. These overzealous ones often forget that they can't win power alone. They forget that other people played a part in bringing their party to power.

We have graduates picketing almost on a daily basis at no other place than the ministries to pressurize the government to post them. These same ones will be seen there again in a year or two, after being posted, to demand payment of salaries. For how long must this continue?
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Why don't we allow the government to do the right thing? Have we lost trust in the government? If the government tells you that there is no money for extra labour because it is still struggling to deal with the numbers already employed and you force them to employ you under duress, why do you complain again when you are not being paid? Why do we find it difficult to trust our leaders?

The leaders are also to take part of the blame for allowing themselves to be pushed around as if they know not what they are about. If you kowtow to people's requests instead of doing a professional job because there are elections to win at all cost, this will be the result. Why must it always be about the next election? Could it also be that our leaders are deceiving us concerning the state of the national kitty? If not, how come they are always able to grant financial clearance for people to be employed after picketing?

Why must unemployed graduates march to a ministry to picket because they want the government to employ them? And because the government always yields to such pressures it has become the norm of the day. Some even go to sleep and spend days there. Election-minded ministers who are afraid of losing the next election will then push them into the workforce knowing very well there are not enough funds to pay them salaries.

How long would this craze continue? Is this how we plan to develop our nation?

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