African Union: Where is the unity?

Africans just observed the African Union Day on 25th May. This day is observed annually to mark the formation of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) which has metamorphosed into the African Union (AU). The objectives of the union include fostering greater unity among its members, defending the sovereignty of its members, accelerating the political and socio-economic integration of its members, etc.

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However, from the time I began recognizing this day and the summits that accompany it, I have always seen divisions at such meetings. People take entrenched positions on issues and are often unwilling to back down on such positions. A compromise is never reached on any issue.

One would wonder why a union can be so disunited. That all of its members are still on their own. Every country does whatever it thinks makes good sense without recourse to a supposed union.

The political and economic invasion of Africa has assumed an alarming proportion. The Chinese have found a new dumping ground for their inferior goods. The Americans and Russians now have a new market for their weapons. The many the wars, the more guns would be sold. Examples of such incidents were the events that led to the notorious and uncouth invasions of Ivory Coast, Tunisia, and Libya.

Surprisingly, no African leader uttered a word to condemn these Western-backed actions. Ghana's late President John Atta-Mills was asked about his opinion on the Ivory Coast invasion by France and he jokingly told the reporter in the local Fante language, "Dzi wo fie asem", meaning he should mind his own business. And that appeared to be the stance of all African leaders at the time on that issue.

Yet, these leaders will not spare any opportunity to drink beer together at a supposed union meeting whose legislations are not binding on any country.

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