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Appointments Committee Or Assurances Committee?

Parliament's committee which scrutinizes political appointees before they can be sworn into office seems to be losing focus. This committee is tasked to assess nominees for competencies based on the offices they are being designated and to approve or reject same if they do not meet the laid down criteria. But, over the years, it appears the relevance of the committee is waning. This must be a big worry to all concerned Ghanaians.


I believe some of you will agree with me that this noble committee is turning out to be a platform to embarrass opponents who were once vociferous during the campaign season. I still recall Hon. Fiifi Kwetey's experience in 2009, when he was appointed deputy finance minister and had to face this committee. At the vetting, several questions were asked about certain comments he made in t…

How Do You Know God?

Most Christians, especially pastors, claim they know God. But do you know what it takes to know God? God is our Father and we should desire to know Him every day. God wants us to know Him so we can serve Him better. He often reveals Himself to us in so many ways and forms.

It is common to hear so many pastors and preachers of the gospel claim that they know God. They often cite success in one endeavor or the other as a justification of their knowledge of God. What they forget is that God knows them, even before they were formed in the womb. That may be the reason why they are being blessed and not because they have so much knowledge of the workings of God and His kingdom.

Paul the apostle admonished the Philippians;
"That I may know Him, and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being made conformable unto His death;" - Philippians 3:10. Paul, a great apostle who experienced the power of God greatly and could talk to God directly, admitted tha…