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Otiko Djaba's defiance and the politics of insults

Many Ghanaians who thought Ms Otiko Afisa Djaba, Minister - designate for the Gender, Children, and Social Protection ministry, would apologize to former president John Mahama and put matters to rest were left dumbfounded when she appeared defiant. I personally think those statements were "campaign talks" and should have been laid to rest when she was confronted by members of the opposition at her vetting by the Appointments Committee of Parliament. I have a firm belief that Ms Otiko wouldn't, on a normal day, describe the president as "wicked and evil" and refuse to apologize.
However, Ms Otiko had her own thoughts. If she had retracts and apologizes, what would people make of her credibility as a public officer if she finally assumes that office? Would people take her word for anything? Would anybody like to deal with someone who says one thing today and goes back on it the next day? She would have lost all trust and confidence in the public's eyes.

As we…