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Last night, the Catholic church was filled to capacity and overflowing. People had come to church more than they normally do. They are not the "wise men" who traced a star to the manger Jesus laid. They always go at a time Mother Mary is still in labour. Even Muslims come to church and participate actively in most of the things done that day.

I was amazed when I saw one Muslim singing some of the hymns and reciting the prayers.
I thought to myself, "Maybe, he is a converted Christian." And this was not the first time Muslims went to the Catholic church on Christmas eve in Sandema. They always do.
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The issue is people who have been properly integrated into the Catholic church and its doctrine who, as if they've just been released from prison, flood the church only during festive periods. These are Catholics who have been baptized and confirmed and can partake of the holy communion. They go there and their main objective is far from worship or to give praises. They even go partake of the communion without examining their conscience. Some even go there drunk only to make unnecessary noise and distract others. Mind you, these people are not strangers to the church. They know the circumstances under which partaking of the communion can be forfeited. Yet, they gladly do it with some kind of pride.

My confusion here is, why do some people show up in church only on festive occasions such as Christmas, New Year's day, and Easter? What is preventing them from showing up for the rest of the 365 days in the year? It is surely not just work, although some types of work can make it difficult for you sometimes to be present at church. An example is the nursing profession. But nurses tend to be regular at church than most these folks who enjoy weekends.

What might be the contributory factor(s) to this trend of religious behaviour among latter-day Christians?

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