Trump's advice to politicians

Donald Trump has won the American election despite all the odds that were stuck against him. The media did not favour him, the pollsters ruled him out, and even bigwigs in the Republican party of which he is a flagbearer denied him. He was literally a man on his own. Some labelled him as a racist, divisive, unfit for president and a very dangerous figure in the American polity.

Donald Trump was a man of principles. He never wanted to find himself in a situation
which could conflict his personal convictions with that of his Republican party and the rest of the American people. However, he seemed to have had a message that resonated with the American people, both black and white, men and women, and the ordinary American in general. His message was simply to "Make America Great Again!". He never hid his true nature from the people he sought to lead.
Donald J. Trump
Donald Trump's message to "Make America Great Again!" resonated with the
American masses and resulted in his election victory.

I personally admired Trump's take on how to end migration and the deportation of illegal migrants, especially those from Africa. This was a call to African leaders to sit up and address the problems in their countries that are making those countries unattractive to the youth. It was a call for African leaders to creatively think and solve their own problems than encouraging youth to stowaway.

Although he became unpopular with his utterances, he never gave up his principles. He knew that to win the trust of the people, he has to stand on his principles no matter whose ox is gored. He was not a favourite of the bookmakers. He was seen as an unfortunate figure among his party.

Internationally, Donald Trump was seen as a divisive figure and a racist. But it did not stop him from soldiering on to victory. Trump had it at the back of his mind that it is only the American people who can make him president and no one else. His task was, therefore, to get a message that speaks to the hopes and aspirations of the American people first. The international community comes second.

As a businessman, Trump had a strategy that worked; give the people more of what they like and they will always be loyal to you. He knows how to win the trust and confidence of a customer. And the evidence is clear in his victory in the 2016 American election.

What do you also make of Donald Trump's win? Share your comments below.

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