Television commercials: How they impact children

Television and radio used to be mediums of learning in the past. It was once said that any student who wants to learn how to speak good English must be an avid listener of radio and television news. And it was not an exaggeration at all.

From the news items to the commercials, everything was good for education. Even
the movies. Certain movies were planned to be shown at certain times of the day depending on whether they were suitable for children or not. Adverts were very exciting to watch or listen to. They were easy to memorize and some even became singsongs among school pupils.
As seen on tv
Children learn more from visuals than from verbal instructions.
The television should be able to help them learn better.
Movies rated LNV and PG were shown at times children were assumed to be away from the television. Adult content was reserved for night showing when children had no chance of viewing them. And it worked to control the desires of energetic children who were willing to try what they see adults do, especially on the television.

Strong and vulgar language was difficult to detect in a movie. Children were better educated because of the educative programs that were shown at the time.

Even alcoholic beverages were not advertised at times that children were believed to be hooked to television, especially at prime time.

Today, creativity among children who watch television has gone down. It is also not easy to find children who can do interesting stuff or write comprehensive sentences because we have flooded our television screens with so-called modern practices. Aphrodisiacs now assume a huge percentage of advert time than books.

Imagine future leaders who are introduced to pornographic content at a tender age. They are tempted to practice when nobody's watching. They can't write legibly. They can't speak English fluently. And the best grades are from rich homes because of leaked exam papers they bought and not from geniuses.

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