Trump's advice to politicians

Donald Trump has won the American election despite all the odds that were stuck against him. The media did not favour him, the pollsters ruled him out, and even bigwigs in the Republican party of which he is a flagbearer denied him. He was literally a man on his own. Some labelled him as a racist, divisive, unfit for president and a very dangerous figure in the American polity.

Donald Trump was a man of principles. He never wanted to find himself in a situation

Television commercials: How they impact children

Television and radio used to be mediums of learning in the past. It was once said that any student who wants to learn how to speak good English must be an avid listener of radio and television news. And it was not an exaggeration at all.

From the news items to the commercials, everything was good for education. Even

'Galamsey': Trading life for a quid

Water is life because the human body consists of about 70% water. It must, however, be known that not any water is life. It is only clean an...