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Trump's Advice To Politicians

Donald Trump has won the American election despite all the odds that were stuck against him. The media did not favor him, the pollsters ruled him out, and even bigwigs in the Republican party of which he is a flagbearer denied him. He was literally a man on his own. Some labeled him as a racist, divisive, unfit for president and a very dangerous figure in the American polity.
Donald Trump was a man of principles. He never wanted to find himself in a situation which could conflict his personal convictions with that of his Republican party and the rest of the American people. However, he seemed to have had a message that resonated with the American people, both black and white, men and women, and the ordinary American in general. His message was simply to "Make America Great Again!". He never hid his true nature from the people he sought to lead.
I personally admired Trump's take on how to end migration and the deportation of illegal migrants, especially those from Africa.…

Television Commercials: How They Impact Children

Television and radio used to be mediums of learning in the past. It was once said that any student who wants to learn how to speak good English must be an avid listener of radio and television news. And it was not an exaggeration at all.

From the news items to the commercials, everything was good for education. Even the movies. Certain movies were planned to be shown at certain times of the day depending on whether they were suitable for children or not. Adverts were very exciting to watch or listen to. They were easy to memorize and some even became singsongs among school pupils.


Movies rated LNV and PG were shown at times children were assumed to be away from the television. Adult content was reserved for night showing when children had no chance of viewing them. And it worked to control the desires of energetic chil…