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Desperate Politicians!

Elections constitute a very integral aspect of democracy and are organized periodically to enable citizens of a country or organization to choose a leader who they think resonates with their aspirations as a people. The citizens are allowed to exercise their franchise freely without intimidation from any quarters. The question is, do some countries actually understand democracy at all?

Ghana is a democratic country with almost two decades of experience. Ghana's democracy is currently being touted internationally as one of the best in Africa. The country has successfully organized peaceful presidential and parliamentary elections on a four-year term basis since 1992.
Having been a keen observer of the electoral process since adolescence, so many things have changed over the years in Ghana's political space. Many people now moot the messages put across by political parties, unlike in the past where they would have towed the line of family members without regards to the message. …

Nurses Attitudes; The Broader View

Nurses are the fulcrum around which the health care delivery system of any nation rotates. They are trained to be independent of other members of the health team where necessary. Nurses are still able to work if all other health workers lay down tools. Despite doing so much for so less, nurses are still by far the least respected of health care professionals.

Nurses are found everywhere championing the health affairs of families and communities, even in places no other professional wants to go. They go out of their job description every time into other related fields to help save lives. Some act as consultants in clinics, health centers, and community-based health planning services(CHPS) compounds. In these places, nurses act as prescribers, midwives, laboratory personnel, and dispensers. They even act as laborers too. They do all these without complaining because of empathy for the sick. These things are not part of the nurse's job description. Nurses are not paid for doing all t…