Benefits of online shopping

Most people don't want to shop online due to one or two reasons. Some people fear they will lose their money to scammers while others are confused as to how they can get the product they've bought online. If you're among any of these groups, then this article is for you.

While it is true that some people have lost money to scammers online, it
is also true that most of the local stores are now stocked with items bought online.

Some people believe most of the online shops are populated with scammers who are doing all they can to swindle customers of their hard-earned cash. They will, therefore, prefer to buy from the local shop at an exorbitant price. They will rather allow their personal information to be stolen than their money.

Online shopping
Many people don't have debit cards in Africa to engage in online shopping.
Shops such as Amazon, Alibaba, AliExpress (an affiliate of Alibaba responsible for lightweight shopping) will never allow scammers on their sites. And the most interesting thing about these shops is that they will deliver at your specified address. There is a mode of tracking goods you have ordered. They will protect you from any vendor on their site who tries to cheat you. If you pay for the product and later change your mind, you can cancel the purchase and the money will be refunded back to your account.

Other people also don't shop online because even if their goods arrive at the port or harbour, they will find it difficult to get them. Either they wouldn't be able to prove their identity for such items or they will not have money to pay for clearance. Some also say the cost of shipping such items, when added to the cost of the item, will make it more expensive than the one at the local store.

On the contrary, most items bought online have a shipping cost far less than what you may be thinking. Some items even go with free shipping. This means you can buy an item and ask them to deliver it to your nearest postal address without you going out to do anything. The postmaster will call you when your items arrive on his desk. No fees are paid, depending on the kind of item. If the item you bought is a heavy one, you may be asked to pay something very small.

Most of the items at the local store such as bracelets, earrings, clothing, footwear, mobile phones, computers, and so on are often shipped for free. No shipping charge is made on your account. Yet, the local store will add a shipping cost to it.

From the time I mustered the courage to shop my first free item, I have always been an avid online shopper. I am aware of scammers and try as much as possible to stay off them by carefully analyzing and using the most popular online shopping portals such as Amazon and AliExpress. eBay and Alibaba are also great shops with elaborate customer protection plans to prevent you from losing money to scammers.

There are many advantages to shopping online. Apart from the convenience it gives, you have the freedom to compare prices from different online shops and get a better deal. You also have the freedom to buy items you otherwise wouldn't want people to see you buy in a traditional brick and mortar store, such as adult toys and weird ornaments. You also get to save time. The cheaper deals online also mean you will get to save money for other things. And the most interesting thing about it all is, you can start a small business through online shopping.

To eliminate your fear of shopping online, just visit any of the popular sites and buy some of the free electronic software products available and see how it is to shop online. You can buy a free book or download free software, or even watch movie trailers all for free. All you need is a debit card (either Visa or MasterCard) and you are good to go.

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