How to make your vote count in 2016

Ghana goes to the polls this year. Many voters out there still don't know how to cast valid ballots. It is a fact that the number of rejected ballots in all elections [since 1992] often outweigh the combined votes of the smaller political parties. It is, therefore, up to the authorities and all concerned to give more and better education to voters and potential voters so as to enable them to choose better.

The fundamental problems accounting for this huge number ranges from multiple thumb

NHIS; A challenge to quality healthcare delivery

The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) is a form of National health insurance established by the Government of Ghana, with a goal to provide equitable access and financial coverage for basic health care services to Ghanaian citizens.[1]

Foreigners were supposed to pay cash whenever they access healthcare services in Ghana because

Benefits of online shopping

Most people don't want to shop online due to one or two reasons. Some people fear they will lose their money to scammers while others are confused as to how they can get the product they've bought online. If you're among any of these groups, then this article is for you.

While it is true that some people have lost money to scammers online, it

Who will fix the Accra floods?

The issue of floods in cities and towns is becoming an annual ritual whenever there is rain, no matter the intensity. The memories of last year's June 3 flood and fire disaster are still very fresh in our minds. But it seems the only lesson our leaders have learned from this gory incident is how to blame the populace and make them feel guilty while exonerating themselves.

The authorities, responsible for making sure this problem gets solved are always quick

'Galamsey': Trading life for a quid

Water is life because the human body consists of about 70% water. It must, however, be known that not any water is life. It is only clean an...