Who "stoned" President Mahama?

The season of blasphemy and rumour mongering is here. So many allegations and fake statements will be made against opposing parties to tag them as either being violent, corrupt, criminal, or unfit to govern this country. And the alleged pelting of stones at president Mahama and his convoy was just one of those plays.

Apparently, someone had a dream that the president was pelted with stones because
he was at the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) stronghold. And some media stations, without doing any checks to confirm the truth or otherwise of this fake story, picked it up and started spinning it.

Is the obsession with NPP and NDC becoming a problem to the nation? Is the obsession making the electorate vote-casting machinery?
It was later revealed that the people were arrested only for the regional minister of the Ashanti region, an appointee of the president, upon hearing the story, dismissed it outright. He even said nothing of the sort happened.

Where was the reporter of the story when the alleged pelting of stones was done on the president's convoy? So what were the media stations which reported this story trying to achieve? Was it to stir up anger in the NDC stronghold so they can do same to the NPP candidate whenever he comes there to do a campaign? Perhaps, somebody wished something of the sort happened so they can find a straw to hang on to remain relevant in political discussions. And the politics of tribalism and ethnicity would have been heavily boosted.

Henchmen, in this case, the NDC henchmen, don't know of anything like 'reading between the lines.' They will quickly tag NPP as being those behind it. They will say they are violent and dangerous. In fact, they will use all the harsh words they can find to malign them.

I am wondering why the president of the nation can be stoned. I am also wondering how stones can be pelted at a presidential convoy, without anybody stopping to analyze the situation and act on it. Does it go to mean that if the president was attacked by armed robbers and guns were fired at them, they would complain bitterly without doing something about it? If yes, then we are not secure as a nation. Besides, who would be so bold to engage in such an act considering the level of security the president moves around with?

I think it is about time some people begin to think with their heads and stop thinking with their hearts. Ghana is for all of us. If violence breaks out, the ordinary Ghanaian is the one who will suffer. It will not be Nana Addo or John Mahama. For your information, they have their passports ready and can easily obtain visas to leave the country in case of violence. So don't fool yourself. Let the politicians who are trying all they can to corrupt your thoughts know that "they can fool some people only for some time, not all the time."

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