Nude content in the media

It is worrying that some individuals find it normal posting nude pictures and videos of themselves and other people on social media with impunity. It is even more disturbing to know that some of those who post these items do it on the blind side of the people involved. It is believed this is done to bring shame on those involved. What I don't understand is how that has become the best form of bringing shame on someone.

There is even a new hacking software on social media (especially Facebook) where some rogues post videos to certain groups and those who watch such videos get their social accounts hacked. The only means of knowing that your account has been hacked is when a close friend draws your attention to one or you happen to come across one yourself.

These hackers not only post on your personal timeline but also in all the groups you've joined. And the most worrying thing is that such videos get posted at a time you won't get to see them.

Until recently, when the new hacking system was employed, I didn't know many Christians and Muslims actually fancy pornography. Yes, they like the sexually explicit content! Many of them got their accounts hacked and used to post some of these links.

Pornography sells these days, unlike in the past when it was frowned upon by society. There is a race among media houses these days to make enough cash. No questions are asked relating to morality.

Some few years back, this was not the case. Content believed to be pornographic in nature was shown only after 11 pm, when children were believed to be asleep. Children thought less about sex at the time and had no urge to try anything like it.

Children who are avid watchers of television, get their minds polluted at an early stage in their lives as they are fed automatically with what they see. Profits have occupied the minds of people who manage these channels, without a single thought about morality. Anything gets advertised because of the money attached to it.

I see this upsurge in nudity in the media as evidence of a breakdown in the moral fibre of our society. Even traditional media adverts are mixed with some of these nude pictures and videos. Ladies are seen in adverts half-naked. Their reason is that such adverts easily get noticed. Some of the movies shown even depict plain pornography.

Despite some people's claims of piety, they still want to see other people naked and engaging in immoral acts. No religion endorses this behaviour but people who belong to one religion or the other are those who practice these acts.

I think the media these days are mostly for "politico-tainment" than education and information. No educative material gets broadcasted. It is either movies, music or politics.

Educative programs seem to have jumped out through the window the moment thoughts about profits entered the media. No educative programs such as the President's Special Initiative on Distance Learning (PSI-DL) which used to show on GTV and Metro TV's live science education program are shown these days.

The people in charge of these channels have to wake up and salvage the situation. They must think about the future leaders of this nation and formulate good programs and policies to help them learn than just being obsessed with the 'cash'! It can be done if there is a will.

What do you think about this current trend of events in the media? Leave a comment below.

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