Living The Lie: Politics of deception

It is a politics of patronage. In a democracy where all manner of people claim they are qualified to lead, the masses become guinea pigs of governance. These are some of the things I have realized about politics in Ghana, a highly indebted middle-income country.

Somebody once said politicians (and inept ones for that matter) are the problem of our nation.

Living The Lie: Education in distress

Everybody seems to be worried about the educational system only when the students fail in examinations. But have we collectively sat down to assess what may be the bane of our educational system?

Rote Learning
Passing through the educational system in Ghana from Kindergarten to College, the student's anthem has been the phenomenon of "chew and pour". This means students don't learn to understand and apply but rather to pass exams with higher marks and be acclaimed as being the most brilliant and it ends there.

'Galamsey': Trading life for a quid

Water is life because the human body consists of about 70% water. It must, however, be known that not any water is life. It is only clean an...