Blind belief!

"Touch not my anointed. And do no harm to my prophet." --- Psalm 105:15

You will often hear this quotation whenever somebody tries to question the works of a "man of God." Many false preachers of our time are hiding
behind this biblical phrase to blindfold people. They call themselves the anointed ones and tag the rest of us as the gullible candidates for hell if we refuse to heed their message.
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Once upon a time in South Africa, a self-acclaimed "man of God" made his followers to eat green grass, claiming it was a revelation from God. It was not long when this same man made his congregation to consume live snakes with the promise that the snakes will taste like chocolate (such weird promise) because God revealed it to him!

I wonder what on earth would make someone in their right senses to believe in these kinds of revelations. It is clear in the Bible that many false prophets will arise when the world is finally about to end. Could it be that we are finally in the last days? Could it also be that people are ignorant or they just don't care?

A pastor was also seen on live television in Ghana stamping on the belly of a pregnant lady all in the name of delivering her from evil spirits. At another time, he went and attacked a radio station with a carpenter's crowbar because the panellists were discussing some of his nefarious acts on the station. And in the process of forcing his way into the radio station, destroyed several properties belonging to the station. And I asked, where are humility and forgiveness? When is God supposed to take over as the judge?

Considering all these people who parade on our streets and the media as "anointed men and women of God", it is true we are in the last days. And in the last days, just as the Bible says, many false prophets will appear from nowhere and lead many (believers) astray using the name of Jesus the Christ. Some will even say they are the Christ. Others will say if you say anything negative about their modus operandi you will surely be a candidate for hell.

But, why do people who claim to preach God's message scare their congregants into believing them? And why are people too afraid these days? What happened to 'search the scriptures and find the truth'?

Let's discuss.

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