29 Dec 2015

35 Priceless Lessons 2015 Taught Me

#1. Ambition is only a dirty word if it’s an unclean ambition. Human beings are built to grow and progress. You are meant to shine.

#2. As you rise in authentic power, craft and impact, some will throw rocks at you. Take the High Road. And trust that the truth always wins.

#3. You can pursue shiny distractions. Or you can do epic work. You just don’t get to do both.

#4. A rare-air dream requires an explosively great team. The smartest way to grow a company is to develop your people.

#5. Generosity is the cure for scarcity. Be the most giving person in every room you’re in and life will reward you with uncommon blessings. Remember: doing good in expectation of some return is no gift–it’s an exchange.


#6. Why worry about a disrupted economy when you can build your own economy via the pursuit of mastery.

#7. Happy people make happy leaders–which create happy teams. So work on your happiness.

#8. A smile to a stranger is a gift of vast proportions.

#9. Creativity breeds amid solitude versus noise.

#10. If world-class was easy, everyone would be doing it.

#11. A monumental vision means, en route to the summit, you’re certain to experience monumental hurts. That’s just the price of bravery. Stay in the game. Longer than any naysayers suggest you should.

#12. Being on time is hip. Keeping your promises is cool. Having good manners is in.

#13. Optimism is a gorgeous contagion.

#14. Busy isn’t productivity. Fake work isn’t real work. Fight for focus. And execute on what counts.


#15. Love is the antidote to fear.

#16. Exceptional physical fitness is a game-changer.

#17. Honor your parents as you’ll miss them when they’re gone.


#18. A fast-growing company is a highly-vulnerable entity. As you scale, it’s so easy to stop doing the special things that made you special. Stay solid on your founding values. Work even harder to be of service. Push even more passionately for mastery.

#19. Never miss a single opportunity to help another human being. At the end, our highest honor will come from our influence on others.

#20. The illusion of safety is always more dangerous than the discomfort of innovation.

#21. You can never give others more love than you deliver to yourself.

#22. The greatest leaders build more leaders.

#23. Legendary performers are generated via their daily rituals more than their inherited talents.

#24. Life’s a series of seasons. We each have our times in the sunlight and our days in the winters. Savor the easy runs and leverage the challenges to fuel compassion, courage, creativity, and decency. All is good. The universe is a friendly place [Thanks, Einstein].

#25. Writing of gratitude in a journal allows you to relive the more beautiful parts of your life on a daily basis.

#26. Business is a dialogue. Lose the dialogue with those you serve and you’ll lose the business. Period. And always remember who puts food on your table.

#27. Meditation is a genius practice on your pursuit towards genius. Rewires the brain, releases serotonin and lights you all up. Do it daily.

#28. Mountain biking makes adults feel like kids again. [Thanks to my new Romanian friends who took me up the mountain outside Bucharest in September; I'll always remember that day].

#29. An obsession isn’t unhealthy unless it’s an unhealthy obsession.

#30. A job is only a job if you fall into the trap of perceiving it as a job. All work is a spectacular opportunity to polish your craft, push your edges, transcend your fears and bring greater light into the world.

#31. Just because others don’t live your values doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stand for your values. Martin Luther King, Jr: “Until you’ve found something you’re willing to die for you’re not fit to live.”

#32. The best producers are curious, invest deeply in their growth and adore reading + going to conferences + befriending giant thinkers.

#33. Achievement without joy is a failure, not winning.

#34. Watch the sunset every night in acute celebration of the gift of yet another day.

#35. Remember your heroic nature. And lift all those who intersect your life. There are no extra people alive today. You matter. More than you know.

By Robin Sharma
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11 Dec 2015

Blind Belief!

"Touch not my anointed. And do no harm to my prophet." --- Psalm 105:15

You will often hear this quotation whenever somebody tries to question the works of a "man of God." Many false preachers of our time are hiding behind this biblical phrase to blindfold people. They call themselves the anointed ones and tag the rest of us as the gullible candidates for hell if we refuse to heed their message.
Image Courtesy Spirit Of Rock


Once upon a time in South Africa, a self-acclaimed "man of God" made his followers to eat green grass, claiming it was a revelation from God. It was not long when this same man made his congregation to consume live snakes with the promise that the snakes will taste like chocolate (such weird promise) because God revealed it to him!

I wonder what on earth would make someone in their right senses to believe in these kinds of revelations. It is clear in the Bible that many false prophets will arise when the world is finally about to end. Could it be that we are finally in the last days? Could it also be that people are ignorant or they just don't care?


A pastor was also seen on live television in Ghana stamping on the belly of a pregnant lady all in the name of delivering her from evil spirits. At another time, he went and attacked a radio station with a carpenter's crowbar because the panelists were discussing some of his nefarious acts on the station. And in the process of forcing his way into the radio station, destroyed several property belonging to the station. And I asked, where is humility and forgiveness? When is God supposed to take over as the judge?

Considering all these people who parade on our streets and the media as "anointed men and women of God", it is true we are in the last days. And in the last days, just as the Bible says, many false prophets will appear from nowhere and lead many (believers) astray using the name of Jesus the Christ. Some will even say they are the Christ. Others will say if you say anything negative about their modus operandi you will surely be a candidate for hell.


But, why do people who claim to preach God's message scare their congregants into believing them? And why are people too afraid these days? What happened to searching the scriptures and finding the truth?

Let's discuss.