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35 Priceless Lessons 2015 Taught Me

#1. Ambition is only a dirty word if it’s an unclean ambition. Human beings are built to grow and progress. You are meant to shine.

#2. As you rise in authentic power, craft and impact, some will throw rocks at you. Take the High Road. And trust that the truth always wins.

#3. You can pursue shiny distractions. Or you can do epic work. You just don’t get to do both.

#4. A rare-air dream requires an explosively great team. The smartest way to grow a company is to develop your people.

#5. Generosity is the cure for scarcity. Be the most giving person in every room you’re in and life will reward you with uncommon blessings. Remember: doing good in expectation of some return is no gift–it’s an exchange.


#6. Why worry about a disrupted economy when you can build your own economy via the pursuit of mastery.

#7. Happy people …

Blind Belief!

"Touch not my anointed. And do no harm to my prophet." --- Psalm 105:15
You will often hear this quotation whenever somebody tries to question the works of a "man of God." Many false preachers of our time are hiding behind this biblical phrase to blindfold people. They call themselves the anointed ones and tag the rest of us as the gullible candidates for hell if we refuse to heed their message.


Once upon a time in South Africa, a self-acclaimed "man of God" made his followers to eat green grass, claiming it was a revelation from God. It was not long when this same man made his congregation to consume live snakes with the promise that the snakes will taste like chocolate (such weird promise) because God revealed it to him!

I wonder what on earth would make someone in their right senses to …