Make Black Lives matter

In the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris, France, some people are asking why Africans seem to be sympathizing with France when they have witnessed more of such killings at home by similar insurgent groups like al-Shabab, Boko Haram and the like but did not show much sympathy.

They label such people as being hypocritical because, all lives matter, be they Indian, French, African, British or any other life for that matter. In the Charlie Hebdo attacks
early this year, European leaders gathered in France to show solidarity with that country. Surprisingly, African leaders were not in that picture.
Terrorist attacks in Kenya
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By the way, who prevented African leaders from gathering to sympathize with each other in times of disaster? Why do African leaders think they should be spoon-fed every time? Should the European leaders come to sympathize with Africans before we learn to sympathize with each other? If our lives actually matter, why are our leaders sitting aloof and allowing terrorism to thrive in leaps and
bounds? When all continents are working round the clock to safeguard the lives of their citizens, what are our leaders in Africa doing? They will rather steal state resources than ensuring the security of citizens.

Let's also not forget what happened in South Africa some few months back with the xenophobic attacks on fellow black Africans. Lives that mattered were lost.

Besides, hunger is devastating in many households in Africa. Many children whose lives we claim matter to us are dying every day from hunger and thirst. What have we done to stop that?

My question is if black lives indeed matter to us, why do black people continue to kill each other because of politics? If black lives matter to us, why do we wait for people to suffer and die so we can later organize a grand funeral performance when we can help them live by spending less?

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts here.

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