Mahama's "Changing Lives" message

President Mahama's speech during his "Changing Lives" tour, in which declared boldly that only people who have been presidents are those who can label his administration as 'incompetent', is not a message I would ever expect the whole president of my nation to ever give to citizens.

The president's supporters have come to his defence, saying the president was directing his message
at the opposition party's running mate, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia. I, however, think there is more to it than a simple message to members of the opposition party, the NPP. I think members of the opposition are first and foremost Ghanaians and therefore have a bonafide right to tell the president of their country how they feel about the way he runs the country's affairs.

President John Mahama
The president is intentionally denying the citizenship of members of the opposition NPP.
If you can say stalwarts of the opposition New Patriotic Party are not fit to criticize the president of their country because they are in a political group, who am I, an ordinary member of society, to criticize him?

Mind you, I have also "never been anywhere near the presidency." I am just a mere public sector worker whose voice only gets heard if I am frustrated to go on strike. Why do you think I, instead, would be in a better position to criticise the president? I have also not been anywhere near the presidency before.

So why does the president think I am rather in a better position to assess his performance than other Ghanaians in other political parties, whom I consider as stalwarts when it comes to politics in our country? Could it be because I can easily be confused and convinced to accept all the lies he may tell me?

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