Borders: A bother to African unity?

The thoughts shared by most Africans is that the white man is the cause of our numerous problems. We believe the white man's partitioning of Africa is the cause of our African disunity which I partly agree with. I think we are the cause of our own problems. How long have we been 'independent'?

The white man is no longer ruling us but the borders he erected are still there. We are those now tightening security at our various borders which the white man created. We are those still keeping the borders in place and adding more every day.

First OAU Leaders
The African continent was not a united and properly structured one
before the dominance by the white supremacists.
By the way, was Africa united before the coming of the white man? I don't think so. If we were, we would have been able to ward off white dominance on our land when they first tried to settle on it.

How long are we going to continue to blame the white man for our problems? I think it is about time we look internally for solutions to the problems we face instead of always finding an easy way out by blaming others. If I may ask, was it the white man who taught us how to retard each other's progress? Did the white man teach us greed and selfishness?

The African man is always ready and open to the white man than a fellow black man. Meanwhile, the reverse is not true. We can't even hesitate to disclose to the white man what our next-door neighbour does which gets us vexed.

And the most interesting thing about it all is that we now prefer to spend our holidays and weekends in the white man's land. We seek healthcare there. We go there to borrow money for petty things which we could do on our own with the right thinking and attitude. We prefer what the white man does and how he does it than our own ingenuity.

People we once labelled as being enemies are those we now go for advice on how to lead. We never consider a brilliant idea from a fellow black man unless it is backed by the white man. We are patient to listen to the white man when he talks but rude to a fellow black man.

Is the white man the cause of bad leadership in Africa? What do you think about the problem of African unity?

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