Agriculture: A solution to poverty

It has always been said that about 70% of people in Northern Ghana are engaged in farming one way or the other. Most policymakers know this fact. They also know the impact it can make at minimizing rural poverty and reverting rural-urban migration. The problem, however, is the lack of willingness to take steps to ensure its viability in this area.
Image Courtesy of The World Bank

We have a system of governance where budgets are drawn just for people working in a ministry.

Borders: A bother to African unity?

The thoughts shared by most Africans is that the white man is the cause of our numerous problems. We believe the white man's partitioning of Africa is the cause of our African disunity which I partly agree with. I think we are the cause of our own problems. How long have we been 'independent'?

The white man is no longer ruling us but the borders he erected are still there. We are those now tightening security at our various borders which the white man created. We are those still keeping the borders in place and adding more every day.

The secret is being content

We sometimes worry about what we don't have without taking time to assess what it would take to have that. Instead of thanking God for what we have, we get worried about what we lack and forget that we have something valuable to thank God for.

Consider the following scenarios:

'Galamsey': Trading life for a quid

Water is life because the human body consists of about 70% water. It must, however, be known that not any water is life. It is only clean an...