The gloom of the Black Stars

I am not a big fan of football. I used to tell my friends that it was because of our national team, the Black Stars, that I watch football. I had no team apart from the Black Stars of Ghana. But recently, with the manner in which resources are wasted on the team, I have decided to withdraw my support for the team for the time being while I watch things unfold. I don't think it is wise to continue supporting the Black Stars of Ghana at this time.

Image - Black Stars of Ghana
The Black Stars of Ghana have not won any silverware over the past
three decades despite the huge investments we put in them.
We gain nothing concrete as a nation from our team. We are also getting too emotional without being objective and hence cannot track how much lavish spending is done on the Black Stars. Can you imagine spending $5.8m on a tournament that is only worth $1.5million? The last time I checked, football was business.

The ‪road linking Navrongo, Sandema, Fumbisi and Gbedembilisi (where most of our rice farming in Northern Ghana is done) needs less than half of this amount to make it less stressful to ply. Pupils who study under trees and risky venues need lesser to kiss their problems bye.

I also remember in 2013 the president said: "the meat is down to the bone" and blamed it on the public sector's "huge" wage bill. Just imagine how many public sector workers wages could be paid throughout the year with the money spent on the Black Stars for their mediocre performances they continue to render.

If I continue to support the Black Stars, all the meagre resources we have as a nation will be diverted to their welfare by our politicians, all in the name of national pride. What use is football glory to the suffering masses? If I continue to support the Black Stars of Ghana, my salary arrears may never be paid and my community may never get potable water to drink.

If I continue to support the Black Stars, it may show that I am indirectly rendering support to corruption in my dear nation. Why? No account has been rendered on the resources we entrust to the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

I will, therefore, continue to withhold my support for our Black Stars team until it regains its focus and is willing to play for pride and not just the money; until the Ghana Football Association, the Ministry of Youth and Sports comes to the realization that the team cannot be supported on empty stomach and in darkness; until the politicians stop the unnecessary wastage and corrupt practices all in the name of football and national pride.

What is your take on this matter? Do you think the attention given to the Black Stars is worth it? Share your thoughts here.

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