Political mind games

Ghanaians are currently facing an economic and energy crisis like never before in the history of our nation. Some say it is not the cause of the current political administration. They say it is a result of several years of neglect of the energy sector by successive governments. Others say it is this administration's lack of honesty and deceit that has left us in the current quagmire.

I think both may be right. We are currently experiencing the consequences of a lack
of foresight and under-investment in our energy sector over the years. But, I also think governments are elected to solve problems and not just identify the problems. If the current administration had done its bit, the problem would not have been so dire.

However, instead of doing what they are supposed to do to alleviate the situation, political leaders and henchmen are blaming past political administrations for not doing one thing or the other. What they forget is that, if all was rosy under those past administrations they would never have tasted power again in the history of their existence.

By the way, that's not the import of this article. I want to discuss the mind games that politicians play with us, especially during or near election years.
The more we continue to sell ourselves for cheap, the more
politicians will continue bargaining to buy our conscience
at an even cheaper price.
Many of us are always happy these days to hear that the government wants to buy enough electricity from neighbouring countries when we are to enjoy Christmas or Easter holidays. They tell us they don't want our celebrations to be marred with the "dumsor" we are currently facing in the country. They will go to any extent to get us enough power to 'waste' during these times. They would want us to always clap for them for doing a 'marvellous job' and 'working for us' because they care so much about our welfare. They will however not be able to get us just enough power to save patients lives in our various health facilities. They will not bother to get enough power to sustain the various industries that are folding up each passing day.

Just recently, the government trained some people in hairdressing and soap making through the Livelihood Empowerment and Skills Development Programme (LESDEP). All these require electricity to operate to stay afloat. But, the government is not at all interested in providing the needed electricity to help them stay in business. It prefers to waste taxpayers money to train people who will end up sitting at home because there is no electricity to work.

I have come to know that the government is providing enough electricity on holidays not because they care so much about our welfare (as they would want us to believe). I think it is because they won't be able to withstand the hot and dry conditions that we are going through during the holidays when the lights go off. And they won't be able to brag about 'working for you' when it is clear that they are working, at worst, against us.

Another mind game is the way our politicians always debate on the floor of parliament when issues which should be of benefit to the rest of us are raised. They will always swear fire and brimstone, all in the name of ensuring the right thing is done. They do this to make us think they are so much concerned about this nation. On the other hand, they keep mute and move with one accord when issues relating to their comfort are raised. Maybe, it is only things which are of benefit to the ordinary man that requires due diligence.

Do you realize there is always an upsurge in the number of new and often uncompleted projects in the country whenever elections are approaching? When it is time for elections, politicians in power desperately begin several projects with the aim of deceiving us to get votes so they can remain in power. After winning the elections, these projects come to a halt until the next election. They think we are so illiterate, dumb, and ignorant to know their schemes.
Political lies
A lie repeated continuously becomes politics, a repetition of lies.

Politicians will continue to use the ignorance of your rights to certain things to serve their personal interests.

I have also seen many politicians come on our airwaves to attack and insult each other with unprintable words. They appear so aggressive, making us believe they are arch rivals or even enemies. We end up taking on these behaviours and exhibiting the same in our private discussions. After shouting and insulting each other on the airwaves, they meet in restaurants and bars to socialize. Those who don't know this are left with bitterness for each other. They fight because of politics and divisions exist. The work of the politician then becomes easier. The 'divide and conquer' rule then works well for them.

You may think they are so mean by their nature with their modus operandi but it is not true. People will get the kind of leaders that suit them. If we have a hypocritical society, we are sure to get hypocritical leaders since the leaders are part of our society. A society cannot breed corrupt individuals and still expect diligent and accountable leadership. It doesn't work that way in any society. Life doesn't discriminate. It will give you more of what you practice.

What do you make of these behaviours of politicians? Share your thoughts here.


  1. You reap what you sow... Ignorance in our society is so great, it's harming us all...

  2. It is very true that ignorance is great in our society. It is also true that the politicians know of this vulnerability and are exploiting it in their favor. And that is why some of them find solace in tribal sentimental politics when they are about to be exposed by the enlightened ones.


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