Games African leaders play

Africa is one continent which is well endowed with all the natural resources an individual can ever think of. This continent is sometimes referred to as the home of all mankind as it is believed that humanity originated from this great continent.

Despite the numerous blessings from the Almighty One, laziness and the reluctance to try something new has left us in a poverty situation. The leaders always try
to play on the intelligence of the masses by deliberately associating with them during election years and yet do nothing to bring them out of their situation after winning the elections.
Bad leadership in Africa is a cultural problem. Image Courtesy Slideshare

They send their children to the best schools abroad, seek medical attention abroad, spend their holidays abroad, and live luxurious lives at the expense of the poor masses who pay taxes with their meagre sums just to make tomorrow brighter. I then ask myself: why don't they want to be treated in our health facilities? Or the facilities we have are not up to standard? Are they indirectly telling all of us to always fly out if we want? Or they are just undermining what we have because they are considered 'big' to be treated here?

By the way, who is supposed to bring them up to the standard they want? Are they not the managers of our taxes? All they do is buy expensive cars and accumulate wealth for themselves and their families.

I think if we want to see any change in this, we would have to all say "no" to injustice on the part of these few groups who call themselves leaders. We have to sit up and learn that they are always playing games with us and our future. let's avoid acts of lawlessness and wars, and do something better and meaningful to help ourselves out of our despicable situation and forget about these people who parade themselves as our leaders but can't tell us where they are taking us.

The revolution begins with us the youth. One person refusing to be deceived is a step forward toward eliminating bad leadership in Africa. Let your vote and your voice count. Africa must rise!

What do you also make of African leaders and their role in our development as a continent? Share your thoughts.

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