Games African leaders play

Africa is one continent which is well endowed with all the natural resources an individual can ever think of. This continent is sometimes referred to as the home of all mankind as it is believed that humanity originated from this great continent.

Despite the numerous blessings from the Almighty One, laziness and the reluctance to try something new has left us in a poverty situation. The leaders always try

Political mind games

Ghanaians are currently facing an economic and energy crisis like never before in the history of our nation. Some say it is not the cause of the current political administration. They say it is a result of several years of neglect of the energy sector by successive governments. Others say it is this administration's lack of honesty and deceit that has left us in the current quagmire.

I think both may be right. We are currently experiencing the consequences of a lack

Can we stop electing "idiots"?

 Politics was once understood to be about more than winning power and serving special interests. Aristotle said governments which "aim at the common advantage are correct and just... whereas those which aim only at the advantage of the rulers are deviant and unjust.
The above quote is from the Huffington Post.

The gloom of the Black Stars

I am not a big fan of football. I used to tell my friends that it was because of our national team, the Black Stars, that I watch football. I had no team apart from the Black Stars of Ghana. But recently, with the manner in which resources are wasted on the team, I have decided to withdraw my support for the team for the time being while I watch things unfold. I don't think it is wise to continue supporting the Black Stars of Ghana at this time.

The problem with unauthorized abbreviations in writing

I know many of my social media friends will not want to hear this. But I think it will help someone out there understand me and how I hold conversations online. Apart from helping you get sharper at spelling and grammar, writing words in full can make you feel confident of yourself.

Abbreviated writing, as I will call it, is one of the common ways of writing

Choices that matter

"Your choices determine who you will become in life. If you are good at making choices, you are sure to have a fruitful life. The opposite also applies."

In life, you don't need everybody to side with you to make the necessary impact. You also don't need a certificate to certify your life. Your thoughts and choices are the things that will certify your life.

'Galamsey': Trading life for a quid

Water is life because the human body consists of about 70% water. It must, however, be known that not any water is life. It is only clean an...