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The Ghosts Of Northern Ghana

"So how come you guys can sleep and roam in the night without being haunted by the ghosts and witches that abound in your neighborhood?"

If you've ever had a conversation about nightlife in Northern Ghana with a non-Northerner, this will probably be one of the questions you are likely to be quizzed on.

I was roaming one night with friends. The whole place was dark, except for houses with solar lanterns and rechargeable lamps. The power grid went off due to the ongoing load shedding programme, and the moon hadn't appeared yet.
We were just roaming in our neighborhood during the early hours of the night [between 8 - 9 pm]. A friend voiced that he was feeling sleepy and wanted to go home. We went to see him off. We were three in number by then.


After seeing our friend off, myself and my other friend turn…