Ghana to host AFCON 2015?

Everyone in Ghana seems to be fighting against the Confederation of African Football's (CAF) decision to put Ghana on standby as hosts of the 2015 African Cup Of Nations (AFCON). What is the reason? This will bring the deadly Ebola disease to Ghana. It was during the Ebola period that Ghana applied to host the 2017 AFCON. There were those who rejected the idea considering the implications it will have on the economy. They argue
that there is too much rot in the system and people will use it as another opportunity to line their pockets as evidenced by the Justice Dzamefe Commission of Enquiry.

I have tried hard to understand why they did so at the last minute and why CAF added Ghana and South Africa to the list of standby countries since they hosted it just recently. They argued about the falling standards in our educational institutions, poor energy supply, deteriorating public facilities and a low standard of living. And I agree with them totally. But the people in power always seem not to care and went ahead to submit a proposal to CAF. They gave very compelling reasons why Ghana should be considered as hosts.
Image - Caf 2013 logo
South Africa hosted the African Cup of Nations in 2013. Why was CAF
desperate to push it to them again in 2015?

CAF, having considered the points raised in the proposal, decided to add Ghana to the standby list of countries likely to host the tournament should Morocco, a country with advanced health systems than Ghana, refuse to host the 2015 nations cup because they are scared of inviting Ebola into their country.

Ebola is devastating and should not be treated with contempt because its consequences are dire.

My worry is why CAF is trying feverishly to ensure the tournament comes off at all cost! Haven't they heard that "the frog needs water but not when it is boiling"? And why should our politicians latch onto the idea? Are we better than Morocco? Can't this whole AFCON thing be kept at the back burner while we focus on life-threatening matters as Ebola, cholera and others?

Why are our Ghanaian politicians so much interested in hosting the AFCON tournament at this crucial time when everything required to run the nation smoothly seems to get worse each passing day?

What do you make of this? Share your thoughts.

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