Violence in politics: Who is responsible?

As we await the verdict from the Supreme Court of the land, the "peace preachers" are at their best again with their peace messages and songs as if someone is planning something against this nation. Are we serious at all? Where they when some parts of the country were in the dark, fighting and killing each other? Do I need to cite the Nkonya-Alavanyo conflict and other conflicts which erupted in other places because of an MCE or a DCE nomination?

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Violence in elections is becoming a routine in politics, especially in Africa and
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The police have even come out to exhibit their armour to the general public so as to scare potential "trouble makers" and with the false reassurance that they are ready to clamp down on miscreants. They claim the country has been peaceful over the years and they will not allow anybody with partisan interests to destabilize it. I have lived in this country and none other and I know well about this country. No one can tell me this country has been peaceful! Or their measurement of peace is when some other groups of people don't 'misbehave'?

At the time they were making these statements, they forgot to tell us how they are dealing with some of the miscreants in other places who were chasing presidential nominees away and destroying property amounting to thousands of cedis with impunity. Do I have to take it that they are all blind to these happenings? How many times haven't we witnessed pockets of violence in various parts of the country? Or this call is targeted at some other political party supporters? Maybe, their definition of peace is based on what other countries around us do? But their cases also started as pockets of violence and escalated into the full-blown wars and civil strife we witnessed. Have they asked the recently nominated MMDCEs if they think the country is peaceful?

The mere fact that no one cares about whatever going around and hence would not retaliate is not because the police are at their best and keeping the peace as some will want us to believe. How many times haven't police officers connived with gangs to rob institutions and other citizens? I don't think someone who claims to protect me can engage in a despicable act like that. Recently, a police inspector was caught supervising the stealing of underground cables by some miscreants, not because the police were on the ground but because of the vigilance of Ghanaians.

I strongly believe nothing will happen in this country when the verdict is announced as many Ghanaians, especially the youth, have become aware of the lies and deceit of politicians and hence no one would waste his or her time and energy on any politician as it stands because they are all the same.

I believe some Ghanaians are aware that many of the politicians have their wards and family members in foreign countries, either studying in the best schools or even working there. Hence, who is a fool to fight for someone's father or mother to be in power or come to power only to send their relations abroad to attend best schools and get better jobs while the rest of us suffer in our own country?

Ghana is bigger than any individual or group. No one should tell me they are the reason for peace in a country where many people have trampled on other people's rights and nothing happened. If politicians would be honest with themselves they will acknowledge that they are the reason for violence and the disturbance of peace in this country. From chieftaincy to tribal politics, the hands of politicians can always be traced to a violent act someway somehow.

Politicians have to engage in clean politics and the majority of our fears of violence will be gone. They shouldn't come to the media to incite hatred and violence. They shouldn't use jobless youth to do dirty politics. They should help develop their communities and keep the mouths shut on issues unrelated to politics. I believe these will help in eliminating political violence in Ghana.

What do you also think? Share your thoughts here.

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