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Violence In Politics: Who Is Responsible?

As we await the verdict from the Supreme Court of the land, the "peace preachers" are at their best again with their peace messages and songs as if someone is planning something against this nation. Are we serious at all? Where they when some parts of the country were in the dark, fighting and killing each other? Do I need to cite the Nkonya-Alavanyo conflict and other conflicts which erupted in other places because of an MCE or a DCE nomination?
The police have even come out to exhibit their armor to the general public so as to scare potential "trouble makers" and with the false reassurance that they are ready to clamp down on miscreants. They claim the country has been peaceful over the years and they will not allow anybody with partisan interests to destabilize it. I have lived in this country and none other and I know well about this country. No one can tell me this country has been peaceful! Or their measurement of peace is when some other groups of people don…