1 Feb 2013

Homosexuality In Ghana?

It is no longer the UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, that we are discussing. It is now one of our own! It is Mrs. Nana Oye Lithur that is being discussed. And now that it is one of our own, we've begun seeing the double-standard behavior that is being exhibited by people who initially condemned Mr. Cameron to the wire for threatening to reduce aid to countries with less or no support for gay and lesbian rights.


Lesbianism can go unnoticed under the cover of "girls girls" movements.

Are we serious as a nation? Why were these double-standard individuals condemning Mr. Cameron and calling his stance a 'bluff'? What has changed? Or 'it is only a fool who does not change his mind'?
Some of those who used foul words on Mr. Cameron have even launched social campaigns to support the human rights activist's position. I think these people will have to render an unqualified apology to Mr. Cameron.

And to those who argue that we have no legal backing for our stance against homosexuality, they have to think again. Why? A democratic nation is not governed by only written down laws but also by customs and conventions!

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