"Okada" in Ghana

There is a lot of debate ongoing as to whether "Okada", a Nigerian term referring to the commercial use of motorcycles, should be allowed in the country or not.

Motorcycles are very important in our daily lives, especially places good roads are only a dream. They come in handy when roads become impassable to cars and huge market trucks.

Image - MotorKingTricycle
These forms of tricycles are meant for conveying goods and not for
carrying human beings.

The debate is centred on their commercial use. I personally think it is bad and should not be allowed in Ghana! In a country where motor riders are notoriously known to flaunt traffic regulations, allowing motorcycles to be used for commercial purposes would create an eyesore. Many riders would be jostling for huge daily returns at the detriment of the people who patronize their services. This will create unnecessary competition among the riders.

The already bad situation we have on our hands whereby no one is able to check the operations of motorcycle users such as registering their tricycles and checking their speed limits coupled with the few security personnel to control the situation would leave an even worse situation on our hands.

What do you think about "Okada" in Ghana? Share your thoughts.

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