Bedwetting: A childhood dilemma

I am sure almost everyone would be familiar with the story of the eleven-year-old girl who was forced to sit on hot water by her grandparents because she wets her bed when sleeping. The enormity of the burns is gore and bizarre. One would wonder what results they expected to achieve with such a cruel approach to a psychological problem as this.

Looking at the bigger picture, we know that a lot of parents are indeed frustrated by the problem of bed-wetting in older children who are expected to have good bladder control.

Looking back in the days when we were growing up, older children who bed-wet were called up when school is assembled. They were whipped by the teacher and hooted at by school mates. Some people have pepper and ginger smeared and stuck to their private parts, others are denied food and some are even made to sleep outside in the cold. Some people also carried their mats and mattresses on their heads and stood in the hot scorching sun, all in a bid to stop them from wetting their beds albeit cruel, as you are aware. But they used to work perfectly on most occasions.

Are people aware of the fact that psychological problems such as bed-wetting in older children require psychological treatment? Do people also know that such bizarre treatments have psychological effects on the children in their adult lives? I don't think so!

So what education is available to the public to forestall the recurrence of such an unfortunate situation as that of this unfortunate girl who is going through so much pain and anguish right now?

It is true sometimes that our ways of dealing with issues and handling some situations as parents and family members are just outrageous, to say the least! So if you as a parent has gone through the problem of dealing with older children who were bed-wetting, what did you do and how did you handle the situation?

Indeed, this has a lot of psychological effects on both the children and their parents and guardians.

So where can people with such psychological problems get help? I believe you have the answers­čś». Share your thoughts here.

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