6 Kinds of social media users

Social media these days are the new craze in town. You are either on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and the list goes on and on. Some people have more than four or five social accounts for various sites. Those who often find it difficult to remember passwords have just one social medium of linking up with the social media community.

1. The Social Spies

Most people use social media to catch up with friends and family members, including classmates,
work buddies, and pseudo-friends. They just want a place to drive out boredom and loneliness. All they want is to just read updates from friends and loved ones and also see how they are going about their lives. They hardly communicate their own thoughts and feelings about anything happening in their environment. They are the reserved type. They often have fewer friends and fewer or no photos or posts on their timelines.

Image - Social media buttons
Social media is now replacing traditional media, despite the costs in
internet bundles especially in developing countries in Africa.

2. The Pious Ones

There is another group of users whose main use of social media is to get motivational information from popular motivational speakers and pastors. They think everybody else is engaging in noise making and disturbing their peace. They will rather type "Amen" than acknowledge a friend's awesome dress and/or looks. They are the church, church type. Sunday always seems far away for them. They can't wait to share the message they learned from their pastor with the rest of the 'unholy' community of social media users. They have a moderate number of friends compared with the introverts.

3. The Entertainment Freaks

There is also the entertainment group of users. New entertainment shows in town are their focus. They follow the musicians, actors and actresses, directors and producers. Some have interests in acting and music. Award ceremonies and entertainment competitions like the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and Ghana Meets Naija are their taste. They can't wait to take selfies if they get to the venue. They think everybody else is too reserved and boring. They often share their photos and even jokes with their social friends. They sometimes have a large number of friends.

4. The Politicians

The next group is news addicts and political fanatics. They are always on the lookout for breaking news so they can share it with their friends. Most of them have political persuasions they cherish so much. They will look for negative news concerning their rival group and help make it go viral. They are mostly people who don't think logic is necessary at all times. Sometimes, they believe, logic has to make way for weirdness and sheer stupidity. They will attack anybody who tries to correct them on social media. These guys are often unfriendly to even close friends because they don't share a common opinion. They mostly have a huge following on social media.

5. The Non-Aligned Group

There is yet another group of social media users. These are the non-aligned group. They will follow anybody and share anything if their judgment tells them it is right to do so. They can follow all the different groups above and still have a sense of justice intact. Most of them are not political fanatics, entertainment geeks, news freaks, or religious folk. They can say anything against anybody. In short, they are free to do whatever they like whenever they feel like it. Most of them have a regulated number of followers based on shared interests.

6. The Business Gurus

The last group of users is business folks. They use social media for business purposes. They don't have time to share personal stories or share other people's stories. All they care about is their business or brand. Almost all selfies are with their business or brand. Some of them have a huge following whilst others are just trailing along.

Which of these groups do you belong? Share your thoughts here.

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