Ghanaian music; Melodies for the gods?

We all love music and many of us are actually addicted to it. But do we know the actual meanings behind the songs we listen to most of the time? From the information I gathered on the internet, it may surprise some of us to know that most of the wonderful songs we love so much are actually indirectly turning us away from our faith. This is not to attack the producers and musicians who genuinely produce and play fine quality music. I appreciate the hard work most of them do to get us the quality music we enjoy very much.

Image - Person listening to music
Most of the songs we listen to and enjoy so much are inspired by idol
worship, such as the Illuminati.
There are musicians who don't engage in healthy competition to produce quality music. They can't stand the heat of competition. They will rather get themselves involved in occultism to gain a competitive advantage over their colleagues and end up pacifying these occultic deities with such songs than doing it the genuine way. The consumers of such products often don't take a time to understand the deeper meanings of such songs. And I understand them perfectly. Why must I care about that when all I want is quality music?

Let's be mindful of the kind of music we enjoy as we may directly or indirectly be sacrificing our religious faith on the altar of idol worship.

Apart from jeopardizing our religious faith with such 'nice' songs, I honestly don't think many of our musicians are creative these days. Some of these ''songs'' simply make no sense at all! They try to sell themselves to us, not their music. They struggle to get rich overnight and in the end, produce trash.

Some so-called musicians just don't know how to sing and rather rely on the beat alone. They just make noise instead of quality, thought-through music. I sometimes think this group of young individuals are either just lazy to work or have not found better jobs to do to earn a living. They then, tired of doing nothing, resort to all forms of behaviors since anything can pass for music when there is a 'beat'.

What do you also think about the music being produced these days? Share your thoughts below.

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