Fighting terrorism: Who funds the terrorist?

Terrorism is a new threat to world peace and harmony. Terrorist groups seem to have some of the most sophisticated weapons and ammunition than even the security agencies of some countries. They seem to have advanced underground investigators who feed them with information as to where, how, who, and when to attack a particular place.

The question I always ask myself is: where do these terrorist groups get money for their upkeep and all those sophisticated weapons they've been using to cause mass murder?

Image - Boko Haram group
Boko Haram has tormented Nigeria and her neighbours for some time now.
Even with President Buhari's promise of ending their atrocities, they seem
not to pay any heed to mere rhetoric.
I went into a bank and a warning was posted there regarding the funding of terrorist groups. It is a criminal offence to engage in the funding of terrorist groups and their nefarious activities. Then I asked myself: why do people fund terrorists to kill other people for free? Why do people think they have a right to take other people's lives without provocation?

Africa doesn't produce weapons of the nature terrorists use. Many of the terrorist groups are also in Africa. Mention can be made of Boko Haram and al-Shabab. These groups have sophisticated weapons. Where and how did they get such weapons into Africa? I believe there is an evil person out there who wants to use the vulnerable African youth to fight for his personal interest. There is an evil man out there who wants to see Africa go into extinction. There is a devil out there who craves to see the black population completely wiped off the face of the earth.

The black race exists for a reason best known to God Himself. Can you imagine how the world would be if everybody was white? Can you imagine how the world would have been if everybody thought the same thoughts and ate the same food? Can you imagine how it would have been if everybody had only white clothes in their wardrobe?

And the surprising thing about all these terrorist groups is that all of them seem to have Islamic or Arabic names. All of them are claiming allegiance to Islam. Names like al-Qaeda, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Boko Haram, al-Shabab and the likes all sound Arabic or Islamic in nature. None of them is interested in aligning themselves with any other religion. They all seem to be championing an Islamic cause.

But according to some Islamic scholars, all these groups are alien to the religion which they believe is the religion of peace. Some believe these groups are interpreting the Quran wrongly to serve their interests. Other religious scholars even condemn these groups without hesitation for painting the otherwise peaceful religion black.

The African Union is always on the quiet until another attack happens and lives are lost. One would have thought they would be working behind the scenes to tackle this problem once and for all, but hell no! They are rather interested in contributing soldiers to go on UN Peacekeeping than dealing with the problems at home. A failed institution? I don't want to draw a conclusion yet.

What do you think can be done to nip terrorism in the bud? Share your thoughts here.

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