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Fighting Terrorism: Who Funds The Terrorist?

Terrorism is the new threat to world peace and harmony. Terrorist groups seem to have some of the most sophisticated weapons and ammunition than even the security agencies of some countries. They seem to have advanced underground investigators who feed them with information as to where, how, who, and when to attack a particular place.

The question I always ask myself is: where do these terrorist groups get money for their upkeep and all those sophisticated weapons they've been using to cause mass murder?
I went into a bank and a warning was posted there regarding the funding of terrorist groups. It is a criminal offense to engage in the funding of terrorist groups and their nefarious activities. Then I asked myself: why do people fund terrorists to kill other people for free? Why do people think they have a right to take other people's lives without provocation?


Music For The gods?

We all love music and many of us are actually addicted to it. But do we know the actual meanings behind the songs we listen to most of the time? From information I gathered on the internet, it may surprise some of us to know that most of the wonderful songs we love so much are actually indirectly turning us away from our faith. This is not to attack the producers and musicians who genuinely produce and play fine quality music. I appreciate the hard work most of them do to get us the quality music we enjoy very much.